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David Kaplan

Founder Proprietors LLC, Death & Co, Nitecap & Walker Inn


David Kaplan is on a mission. To further cocktail culture.

When David and his partners opened a small cocktail bar meets speakeasy in the East Village of New York in 2007, few could have foreseen the global influence that was about to follow. But, if you ever stepped off 6th Street and into Death & Co. and were served a drink, it was immediately obvious that you were experiencing something daring, different and important.


Death and Co

Some drinks involved a degree of difficulty, others were sublimely simple, and all were simply better cocktails. Over the past decade, David and his co-conspirators have built an establishment that believes in both classics and creativity, and is driven by a singular passion for modern classic cocktails.

Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails is the official Death & Co book, and definitive guide to the contemporary craft cocktail movement. The book from the team behind one of the world’s most influential and lauded bars features hundreds of recipes for signature creations from their renowned bar Death & Co in addition to classic cocktails. It includes chapters on the theory and philosophy of drink-making, a complete guide to the spirits, tools and other ingredients needed to make a great bar, and recipes for nearly 500 iconic drinks. Filled with beautiful, evocative photography, illustrative charts and info graphics and colorful essays about the characters from inside the bar each night, Death & Co — like its namesake bar — is bold, elegant and continues to set the pace for mixologists around the world.


Death and Co

Through David’s company, Proprietors LLC, he and his partners, Alex Day and Devon Tarby, now help create and design bars and beverage programs with like-minded partners that share his passion for better and more interesting cocktail experiences.

David is not just a brand ambassador, but also a collaborator and enthusiast. In 2016, we announced an exciting partnership between Proprietors LLC and Wyoming Whiskey designed to use our Small Batch Bourbon and other whiskies as a starting point, bring the quality of our spirits to light, create unique events and experiences and bring our combined devotion to great cocktails to bartenders and amateur drink makers wherever they may be.


Wyoming whiskey cocktail

We once saw our audacious goal of creating America’s next bourbon as the end. Now, thanks to David and Proprietors, we see it as just the start.

Here’s to David Kaplan, our first Wyoming Whiskey Ambassador, and cheers to a great bourbon and a better cocktail.

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