IN THAT ORDER. We are independent, family-owned whiskey makers with a world-class distillery in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming. Our company and products are a collaboration between our partners and 97,818 square miles of Wyoming. The state defines us; it’s in our blood and in our whiskey.


A WYOMING FAMILY. Our family first came to Wyoming as ranchers in 1890. In the ensuing 125 years, our family has continued to work raising cattle and hay at our ranches in Spring Gulch and in Kirby. We’ve also had our share of U.S. Senators, lawyers, extreme skiers, two Wyoming Governors and now whiskey makers. But our connection to Wyoming comes from the land, ranching, and those Wyoming views that, even after five generations, never get old.


THE FOUNDERS. Brad and Kate are the founders of Wyoming Whiskey and the keepers of the ranching tradition in the Mead family, overseeing the Spring Gulch and Kirby ranches. Kate runs Mead Ranch Natural Beef and Brad is a pilot and CEO of Wyoming Whiskey. They are pretty much like other business executives, but they do most of it on horseback and with a much better office view.


THE FOUNDING FAZ. When Brad and Kate decided to make bourbon, they turned to “Faz” to figure out how to get it done and he’s been getting it done for Wyoming Whiskey ever since. To keep David’s bio from being too long, we’ll just make a list: lawyer, river guide, late night philosopher, angler, skier, wingman, Yankees fan, and whiskeyman.


Darren Rowe

Darren is our resident country boy at the distillery. He oversees all our Wyoming-grown grains, which provide the building blocks for our bourbons.

Curtis Chopping

Curtis is the head cook, aka Production Manager, overseeing the distillery production, lab, and making sure that every drop of whiskey is perfect when it goes into the barrel.

David Evans & Brendan Garcia

These guys are the muscle on the outfit. They fill all of our barrels with white whiskey.  Then move them, by hand, to the rick house. starting our spirit on its journey to becoming matured and well-adjusted Wyoming Whiskey.

Derek Sproveri

If the whiskey doesn’t get out of the barrel, into the bottle, and appropriately labeled, sealed, and shipped, it doesn’t make it into the glasses of our fans.  That’s where Derek comes in.  He also has one of the most talented palates around.

Kayla Hall

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FERMENTATION! Kayla makes sure that the lab is as efficient as possible. Keeping yeast happy is a full time job and she is just the gal to do it!

Colin Young

The newest addition to the crew, Colin has an extensive background in the culinary arts – now he is cooking whiskey.  As the new guy, he also gets to do lots of other fun stuff.  It is all part of the training!


Amanda Moeller

Amanda manages the Whiskey Shop. Amanda is the one that makes it happen in Kirby. She handles staffing, merchandising, advertising, and more.  Amanda is also the one to call for all your event planning at Wyoming Whiskey.

Marian Bender

Just passing through, or at least that is what Marian thought the first time she came to Wyoming Whiskey.  She liked the shop, she liked the staff, and she loved the bourbon – enough to change her plans and move to Wyoming!  Come in and see Marian for a micro-tour and tasting!


The Sniffer.
If there’s a list of world’s best jobs, Nancy Fraley’s gig is surely on it. Her business card reads ‘Nosing Services,’ and she’s in high demand across the Craft Distilling world. Nancy consults with Wyoming Whiskey working to find the perfect mix of barrels for our Small Batch Bourbon and singularly intriguing barrels deemed worthy of our Single Barrel label.

With the barrels and batches determined, the bottling and shipping process begins. It’s the end-of-the-line for the Production Team, but just the start of the journey for Wyoming Whiskey.


The Big Horn Basin has everything we need to make great bourbon, and it is important to us to source our ingredients locally. The consistency and uniqueness of these whiskey elements make for a better bourbon that stands apart. It’s the Whiskey of the West.


WE KNOW WHO GROWS. Brent Rageth from Rageth Farm in Byron, Wyoming has worked with Wyoming Whiskey from the start to select strains of non-GMO corn, wheat, barley, and winter rye for specific starch and sugar yields, the building blocks of bourbon making. We use a corn strain that matures in 92 days, and is hand-selected by Brent. Rageth Farms also delivers summer and winter wheat that is grown exclusively for Wyoming Whiskey, and a winter rye that will be the key ingredient for a couple of rye products that are on the near horizon.


Mash bill for (1) mash cooking will consist of 2,166 gallons of liquid.

Liquid will consist of:
1,100 gallons of water and
450 gallons of backset, or thin stillage.

Grain: 57 Bushel
68% Corn – 3,183 pounds
20% Wheat – 951 pounds
12% Malt Barley – 570 pounds


YOUR WHISKEY IS AS GOOD AS YOUR WATER. And our water is unrivaled. A mile below Manderson, Wyoming lies the Madison Formation, a limestone aquifer where we get our water. This limestone rock is millions of years old and the water that it filters hasn’t seen the light of day since the Bronze age, over 6,000 years ago.


THE SECRET STUFF. While our Mash Bill is in clear view, ask any distiller about their yeast and you’ll usually get a deafening silence. We’ll give you this much. To attain our profile, we use a combination of 2 yeasts; a high-yield yeast and a second proprietary yeast that yields a bit less, but produces a slightly fruitier alcohol.

For more information, you’d probably have to marry Faz.  So, let’s leave it at, we use 2 different yeasts.


REAL HOT AND REAL COLD. Our whiskey is aged for a minimum of 5 years in the most unique maturation environment in the bourbon world. Kirby is cold in the winter. Wyoming cold. And it’s hot in the summer. Real hot. That’s tough on people, but good for the whiskey.

The Big Horn Basin heats up in the summer, pushing the whiskey in the barrels through the charred oak and producing most of the flavors of the soon-to-be bourbon. The intensity of the heat and drastic daily temperature swings cause the barrels to dramatically breathe in-and-out, taking the best of what the oak and 5 summers have to offer.


DOING THE TIME. We age our bourbon for a minimum of 5 years in one of our 3 rick houses.

There are some newfangled ways of speeding up the maturation process that are being tested by both craft and behemoth distilleries.

Consider us Old School, but we don’t do that. Believing that nothing can replicate the magic that comes from the simple combination of time, temperature, and charred oak barrels, and that the Wyoming environment is one of the things that makes our bourbon singular. You can cheat color and some taste, but for the super smooth finish – only time will do.


We make bourbon in small batches at our distillery in Kirby, Wyoming. From day one, every drop of Wyoming Whiskey was made in Kirby and aged in one of our three rick houses. That’s not true of every whiskey you run into. We don’t pass judgment, but it means a lot to us and we hope it means something to you.